Белорусский защитник «Трактора» Ник Бэйлен в минувший уикенд женился. Его избранницей стала Шелби Брэм.

This has been the best weekend ever. I am fortunate to have married my best friend @sbram13 and celebrate with all of our family and friends. Thank you to you all for coming from near or far to celebrate our big day. You all made our wedding the best day ever. We couldn’t be more happy to have had you all there. To our parents @ml.bailen @bailenjim @brambonnie @bill.bram thank you so much. We love you guys. You are an inspiration to us in how to make a marriage work. You made this week amazing and we love you four more then we could ever describe. We are so fortunate to be able to call you parents. To our wedding party @ebailen88 @brockbram @pchewy38 @zemgus94 @thejoeduff @baileybram17 @kiahhildebrand7 @jordynperrin5 @jillianskinner @krisgrenier you all are amazing and thank you for standing up there with us. To all of our friends and family thank you a million times. @supremeeventsfl you guys made the night ROCK! You’re energy and charisma made everyone have a blast and the music was out of this world. To @matthewbailen thank you for officiating and marrying us. You are clearly the best public speaker. So lastly we love you all and thank you all. Many laughs & a few tears were shed. Lots of drinks were had only 3 spilled. And everyone is definitely sore from the endless hours of dancing. @sbram13 and I are finally happily married. #nobailenoutnow #bramtobailen @theclubatthestrand @nikkimayday thank you for amazing photos

Публикация от Nick Bailen (@ndbailen)


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