Экс-вратарь минского «Динамо» стал отцом

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Экс-вратарь минского «Динамо» стал отцом
Сын Скривенса (instagram.com)

Экс-вратарь минского «Динамо» Бен Скривенс стал отцом. Супруга Джении 17 марта родила ему сына, которого назвали Эдгар Пэйн.

Отметим, что пара долгое время боролась с бесплодием и прибегала к услугам ЭКО.

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Edgar Payne Scrivens born March 17, 2020 🍀 We are a family of three! 🥰 This has been a long journey for us. We struggled with infertility and ultimately needed IVF to conceive. And it wasn’t until we went through this experience ourselves that I realized how many other people also struggle with infertility. (Estimates range from about 1 in 10 to 1 in 8 couples) It is frustrating to struggle with something that we think should come so naturally, and one that appears to come easily to so many others. That’s why I want to share even a little bit about our experience in an effort to normalize conversation about infertility and reach others in a similar situation. For anyone else who may see this photo and be reminded of their own journey, know that we’ve been there too. I’m not sure that it helps, but I hope in some small way it does.

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